Symetri FM in brief

We offer the knowledge and systems to help you and your business reduce errors and get more things right. Having your property data in order and available for daily use means less worry and more oversight. You can spend less time on things that create no value and more on the things that do. And with a better and more profitable business as a result.

Capturing and maintaining all data, in a smart way.

Through our Symetri FM SERVICES we are able to manage all existing sources of data and ensure these have structure and are accessible. By way of example, we can use laser scanning to restore and ensure quality if data is missing or unreliable. The quality of the data determines the conditions for the quality of the service.

Using data efficiently, every day

Our Symetri FM ACCESS offers you a solution for every need and employee. A shared resource where all the necessary data can be handled and used. From sophisticated 3D models to simpler documentation such as scanned drawings, you can provide the supporting data for cost-effective management, internal rental management, measurements and areas, presentations and accurate supporting data and work orders.

Training and support – obviously

As you would expect, we offer training and support for the software we deliver and for the construction process in its entirety.

We offer support in the form of the classical help desk both over the telephone and on-line, with the option of connecting over the Internet to support you effectively in your daily activities.

Our approach can be abbreviated to BLM, Building Lifecycle Management.