A budget estimate is usually as good as the data you have to use. With your property data in order and a complete overview of all the details, you can confidently plan and calculate any renovations. And sleep peacefully at night.

Residential - Comprehensive solutions for successful projects

Private and municipal housing companies are facing major challenges with alteration and extension work over the coming years. Symetri FM organises existing property information, and is easily capable of receiving additional information following renovations. The projects use our Interaxo and BIMeye project networks for data collection which is then structured and passed to management through our FM ACCESS information portal. A successful renovation project requires proper documentation to plan from. Together with our customers, we have developed quality-assured and cost-effective methods for creating models for existing buildings that are measured and modulated using laser scanning, among other methods. FM ACCESS also enables the automatic presentation of apartment layouts to websites through our API to HDC.